Thunderstorms Yunani Ancient Shrine Harm

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This thunderstorms looks like a thin line away from one of the temples, the most ancient symbol of man-made.

A bolt of lightning lit up the sky looks around-old Parthenon temple in 2500. Lightning is so high on the Acropolis in Athens during heavy rain in the morning. Fortunately, these temples has escaped the damage.

In the middle of this unusual occurrence, the sky darkened over Greece which showed the threat of a storm and the temperature continues to decline up to 21 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the sky was cloudy and cold in England with a record-breaking hot temperatures this weekend.

As quoted in the Daily Mail, the Temple of Parthenon that was completed in the year 432 BC was originally dedicated to the goddess Athena. The main function of this temple is a shelter for the goddess statue made of gold and ivory. In 1656, a bolt of lightning had destroyed the structure of the Acropolis, but fortunately did not endanger the Parthenon. Registered & Protected
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